OPS 2.0 Projects

Project 1. Turning on an LED

Make an LED light up!

Project 2. Debugging

Practice debugging circuits using a multimeter.

Project 3. 555 Timer

Use a 555 timer to blink an LED and play musical notes!
An introduction to Arduino with a fun and easy project.

Project 5. iPoduino: an Arduino Music Player

Play your favorite tunes with your very own iPoduino!

Project 6. Arduino Distance Sensor

Learn how to build an Arduino Distance Sensor

Project 7: Red Light, Green Light Game

Implement a 2-Arduino game called Red Light, Green Light!

Project 8: Radio Red Light Green Light & IMU Brightness Indicator

Play Red Light, Green Light wirelessly, use an IMU to detect orientation.

Project 9: Capstone

Use the skills you have learned to make a path-following rodent or an RC car!